2020 Wine, Spirits & Chocolate

 Vendor Information

Wineries and distilleries make this event special!  

The LeMay Collections at Marymount will provide an 8’x8’ booth space for each pouring vendor, as well as one 6ft table, and 2 chairs. We will also provide a Pouring List & Order Form for guests to purchase your products by the bottle or the case at retail price and will manage cashier service for check-out. 

Participating pouring vendors are encouraged to provide representative/s to pour samples and speak about the products during event hours. Your team will also provide any additional materials needed for set-up, decoration/display, or demonstration. As you collect tasting tokens for the samples you pour for reconciliation to ensure your services and sales are compensated for.

Non-Pouring vendors will have an 8x8 booth space and will need to provide tables and chairs as needed or they may be rented from the Marymount Event Center. 

Premium location and electrical access will cost extra, for any vendor.


Vendors will, to the best of their ability, subdue any overconsumption of alcohol, and will not serve anyone visibly intoxicated or under the age of 21 years old. 


We would like to have the best possible representation of products showcased from each vendor.  Thank You.


What is provided for the booth/tasting area?

We will provide you with table space, black tablecloth, water pitcher, ice, token holder and a sign for the number of tokens for each 1 oz tasting.
How will LeMay market your participation?
We will highlight your business on our website and event program, along with listing your varietals. Additionally, we hope you will promote the event within your own communications (newsletters, flyers, social media, etc).
What will I need to bring?
Marketing materials, ice bucket, bottle opener, giveaways, booth décor, products to taste, and someone to pour (we recommend 2 people to pour.)
How much wine/alcohol should I plan on bringing?
We ask that you bring 3 cases of each varietal for guest purchase, along with bottles of each from which to pour tastings from. Additionally, you should bring inventory and store it in your vehicle to supplement as needed.
When should I plan on delivering my products?
If shipping wine/alcohol, please make arrangements for deliveries no later than Thursday, April 12th. You may also bring your products during set-up time.
How does tasting/sampling work at this event?
We would appreciate tastings to be donated, as this is a fundraiser for the LeMay Collections (as we are a non-profit), but we also understand not everyone can do so. There for, if necessary, bottles for tasting/samples are calculated at approx. 25 tasting per bottle. The LeMay Family Collection Foundation will pay for 50% of wine used for tasting, with the other 50% covered by participating winery or distributor. (For example, if 4 bottles are used for tasting, then the LeMay Family Collection Foundation will pay for 2 bottles.) We will want to know if you are able to donate your product for tasting prior to the event, and of course your donation is tax deductible. 

Once the event begins, you will provide tastings to guests based on a token system to track tastings with each vendor.
How do bottle sales work at this event?

Wine/alcohol can be sold at your booth (preferred, we will provide you with a payment processor) or it can be sold in the "store". Before you deliver or drop off your bottles for sale, please invoice at the time of delivery. Products will be purchased from you at wholesale price and sold at retail price. If you would like to donate a portion of this to us, it would of course help us raise more funds to support our community programs and collection preservation! LeMay will net the proceeds above the wholesale price as part of our fundraising efforts.

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Tuesday-Saturday:  9:00am-5:00pm

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