the LeMay Collection

In 1997, the LeMay family collection was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "Largest Antique & Vintage Vehicle Collection" with more than 1900 vehicles. You can check out the LeMay family's vehicles in this searchable database where you can sort by Year, Make, or Model. Check back often to view updated information, plus new additions to the collection. 

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1949 Kaiser Deluxe
1954 Kaiser Darrin
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Kaiser Jeep
1963 Kaiser Jeep Military
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1976 Kawasaki KZ900
2000 Kawasaki KE100
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1932 Kenworth 1 1/2 Ton
1948 Kenworth Camper
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King Midget
1952 King Midget Model II
1959 King Midget Model III
1962 King Midget Midget
1969 King Midget Model III
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Kit Car
1968 Kit Car Homemade Special Body
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Kit Car Special Body
1964 Kit Car Special Body Jamaican
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1962 King Midget Midget