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Autos were produced under the Hudson nameplate from 1909 through 1957 with the last true Hudson produced in 1954, after which Hudson and Nash merged to become American Motors. The Hudson nameplate disappeared completely in 1958.

This particular car, purchased by Harold in a local car auction is a nicely appointed Commodore six, which sold for $1,887 when new. The 1946 Hudson and the 1947 Hudson were essentially the same car, except the 1947 had a chrome emblem on the trunk and in 1946 it was plastic. Another difference from the 1946 & 1947: the 1947 came with a chrome bumper, whereas if you bought a 1946 model, the car came with a wooden plank for a bumper, and a certificate that could be exchanged for a chrome bumper when the labor strike that closed the bumper manufacturer was over. A feature unique to Hudson at the time was the traditional Hudson lighted triangle mounted at the base of the hood.


Under the hood though, the smallish 175 cid engines were replaced with a 212 cid 6-cylinder engine. There were also three transmission options, a standard with overdrive, a "Vacumatic" drive and the "Drivemaster". The interior featured new upholstery and a redesigned radio. September brought out the 3 millionth Hudson built and despite building over 92,000 Hudson automobiles in 1947, they fell two spots to 11th in the industry.

Hudson produced 92,000 units for the model year, falling from 9th to 11th place in the industry. In 1947 Hudson produced its three millionth automobile.

1947 Hudson Commodore 147


Year: 1947

Make: Hudson

Mode: Commodore 147

Style: 2-Door Coupe

Serial No


Engine Size: 254 cid

Engine Cylinders: I-8

Engine BHP: 128 bhp

Transmission: Manual 3-Speed

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