In 1997, the LeMay family collection was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "Largest Antique & Vintage Vehicle Collection" with more than 1900 vehicles. You can check out the LeMay family's vehicles in this searchable database where you can sort by Year, Make, or Model. Check back often to view updated information, plus new additions to the collection. 

the LeMay Collection

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Available Years:
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1910 Columbia 2 Ton Flatbed Truck
1910 Sears Model P Motor Buggy
1910 Train Station C
1911 Buick Model 39
1911 Cadillac Thirty Touring Brass
1912 GMC Truck
1912 International Harvester MWX
1912 Republic Stakebed Truck
1912 Standard Electric
1913 Ford Model T Touring
1913 GMC 1 1/2 Ton Oil Truck
1913 REO The 5th
1914 American LaFrance
1914 Cartercar Model 7
1914 Chevrolet Baby Grand
1914 Detroit Electric Priscilla
1914 Ford Model T Roadster
1914 Garford Open Truck
1914 Hupmobile Model B
1914 REO M (Chassis Only)
1915 Cartercar Touring
1915 Chalmers Six-48
1915 Maxwell
1916 Ford Model T Runabout
1916 Packard 1 Ton Truck
1917 Dodge Brothers Touring
1917 Dort Fleur-de-lys Roadster
1917 Oneida Model A Truck
1917 White
1917 White Flatbed Truck
1918 GMC Model 16 Bus
1918 Liberty Military Truck
1918 Liberty Military Truck
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1918 Franklin 9 B Touring
1919 Chevrolet 490 Touring
1919 Dodge Brothers 1/2 Ton Pickup
1919 Fordson K Tractor
1919 REO Speedwagon Truck
1919 Traffice Flatbed Dump Truck
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