1907 Locomobile Model E


Year: 1907

Make: Locomobile

Model: Model E

Style: 5-Passenger Touring

Serial No: 1402

Color: Red/Black

Engine Size

Engine Cylinders: I-4

Engine BHP: 20 BHP



- Locomobile in business from 1900 to 1929.

- Built in Watertown, Massachusetts; Model E launched their reputation as premier builder of gas automobiles.

- Features cast bronze crankcase.

- Once owned and restored by Bill Harrah 



Acquired from the Don & Lynette Short collection in Port Townsend, WA in May 2011.


Once owned and restored by Bill Harrah. 






The Locomobile Company of America was founded in 1899 when John B. Walker bought the plans for a steam powered car from the Stanley brothers, Francis and Freeland, for $250,000. They produced small steam-powered cars until 1902 when they sold the rights back to the Stanley brothers for $20,000. From that time on, the Locomobile Company concentrated on building internal-combustion powered luxury cars until its demise in 1929. The Locomobile design was heavily based on the German-built Mercedes and the French-built Panhard. The Model E was a major breakthrough for Locomobile, becoming one of the most advanced cars made in America. It was powered by a inline 4 that produced 20 horsepower. This refinement came at a price of over $3,000. There were 627 of these beauties built in 1907.


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