1906 Ford Model N 2-Passenger Runabout


Year: 1906

Make: Ford

Model: Model N

Style: 2-Passenger Runabout

Serial No: 6277

Color: Maroon

Engine Size: 149 cdi

Engine Cylinders: I-4

Engine BHP: 19 BHP

Transmission: Manual


- The Model N was predecessor of the more well-known Model T

- 2-passenger vehicle, but considered not as luxurious as Ford Model K; Created prior to assembly-line production

- Factory specs: 800 lbs., 40 mph, 20 mpg

- 13,250 produced; engine by Dodge Bros.

- Price new: $500









In 1906 the Ford Model N was introduced to replace the Model A, C, and F series. 7000 of these were built between 1906 and 1908. The Model N was a small and nimble car, easy to drive and affordable. The N listed for around $500, about half that of the Model F. Most Model N's were two-seater "runabouts". These cars had rudimentary fenders without splash aprons or running boards.


The Model N showed some signs of things to come and would lead to the Model T. It was fitted with a four cylinder in-line engine that cranked out 15 hp, a unit much more modern than the old flat twin cylinder. The engine was placed in front and the rear wheels were driven by a shaft. Below the crank is the water pump in the radiator. Wheelbase of this car was 84", the same as the old Model F.


The Model N was a bare-boned transport, without many luxuries. Gas headlights and the convertible top were extras. The car was rugged and practical. The Model N established Ford as a manufacturer of dependable, inexpensive automobiles.

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