1903 Oldsmobile Model A Curved Dash Replica


Year: 1903

Make: Oldsmobile

Model: Model A Curved Dashed

Style: Replica 2-Passenger

Serial No: 390147

Color: Black

Engine Size: 95 cid

Engine Cylinders: 1

Engine BHP: 5 BHO

Transmission: Planetary


- Considered first massed produced car in U.S.

- Built from 1901 through 1905

- 1901 through 1903 production totaled 6,849

- Price new: $650









The Curved-dash Runabout A total of 6849 of this model were produced in the years 1901-1903. The engine data, below, are those of the original Curved-dash Olds.

The Oldsmobile Model R Runabout, which became known as the Curved Dash Oldsmobile, is classed as one of the very first production automobiles in America. Some historians consider it America’s first truly mass-produced automobile.  It was introduced in 1901, and by 1907, production was nearly 19,000.  Production in 1903 exceeded 4,000 units.


These cars were a winning combination of simple engineering, high reliability, versatility, and “charming good looks”.  The single-cylinder horizontal engine could take the car up to 25 mph while delivering 25 mpg.  The cost new in 1903 was $650, and the curved dash, with a delivery box attached to the rear deck, was the first car used by the U. S. Postal Service.

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