1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen

Year: 1886

Make: Benz

Model: Patent-Motorwagen

Style: Replica

Serial No: -

Color: Black

Engine Size: 1697 cc

Engine Cylinders: 1

Engine BHP: 2 BHP

Transmission: -


- The first of 100 replicas produced by Daimler Benz in 1985 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first automobile

- Powered by a water-cooled, single-cylinder, rear-mounted engine









On January 29, 1886, Karl Benz patented teh first automobile, the three-wheeled Patent-Motorwagen.  The lightweight Patent-Motorwagen's three-wheeled design was less complicated, lighter and easier to steer tahn the typical four-wheeled carriage.  The rear axle was supported by a full-leaf spring suspension, while the front wheel turned on a solid mounted axle.  The driver started the engine by spinning a flywheel by hand and adjusted fuel flow with a handle under the driver's seat.  The driver steered with a tiller and controlled the brakes with a large lever on the left side.  Powered by a water-cooled, single-cylinder, rearmounted engine, the Patent-Motorwagen could reach a top speed of approximately 10 mph and had an engine output of approximately 0.75 hp. 


This vehilce is a replica of the original Patent-Motorwagen produced by Daimler to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its introduction.  Only 100 were produced.  

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